Silver an’ gold + a bottle o’ bourbon

Currently serving as an intermezzo to the barely begun Pirates comparisons, this was done way back in May.

Sally Hansen base and top
Essie Pillow Talk, my old faithful standby

OPI minis Take a Right on Bourbon and This Silver’s Mine!

Above + below, OPI Press * for Silver

Paul & Joe Golden Slumbers + Goldfinger, layered (the sheerer fingers)

Zoya Beth + María Luisa, layered

All three OPIs dabbed on the silver fingers (looking like one varnish)

xx blueberry milk tea

Seven summers ago, or so

… the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection had hit the scene 🙂

In honour of the advent around that period of my burgeoning interest in all things varnish, here’s a comparison series of each member of the POTC collex, in numerical order.

First up, Skull & Glossbones (NL P13)

Nubar Faded Putty, Fall 2011
SH CSM 865 Winter Sky, Fall 2015
OPI Skull & Glossbones, POTC 2011
China Glaze The Giver Five Rules, Fall 2014
Orly Highlight, Smoky 2014

All swatches, three coats

I’ve not been posting much for several logistical reasons: limited storage (nor do I intend to renew my pricey plan this August), lack of speed and bandwidth (images take forever to upload, then when a post is completed, I’m not able to see the entire thing until my plan resets around the beginning of each month and only lasts a few days at sufficient speed to load every image).

My way around this until mid-August (after that, I’ll likely just update pages and add more lists, which are mainly for my personal use when out shopping so I know what I’ve already purchased) will be to limit the images in and length of each post, and compose solely on my iPad.

In short, no fun 😦

Before then, however, I do intend to compare the entire POTC collection in individual posts, and then some 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea (creatively crushed)

Shimmy-shimmy boom-boom stunners, part II of II

Summer’s on her sunshiny way, café patrons!

That means a Summer Deluxe Edition of the Multichrome Comparison Library is in short order.

Put on a hat + sunglasses, grab your parasol + an outdoor table with a refreshing beverage of your choice, and relax + enjoy these little bottles as much as I delighted in gathering + posing them for you 🙂




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