Impala Novo 70 Boca de Sino, or creating your own Bell Bottoms

I yearn most for the unattainable.  In this instance, I refer to a Brazilian nail varnish, a member of a 1970s-inspired collection from 2011 by a company called Impala, housed in those conical bottles unique to Brazil. Boca de Sino, the name of this South American svelte sibling to Chanel Cosmic Violine, means Bell Bottom. Which makes me want it all the more.  Take a gander at the photo below (not mine; obrigada, Cores de Esmaltes!).


So there she is, in Brazil.  And here I am, in California.  What is a girl to do, but Franck-en?  It’s only fitting when one’s surname is Franck!


L to R:  Sation Hazelnut, F21 Love & Beauty Amber, Pure Ice Super Star, F21 Love & Beauty Shimmering Wine, Maybelline Colorama Top Coat 27 Sonic Sunset, L.A. Splash Crimson Tide

Up close and personal, to see the polyester disco shirt flash of Amber and the Chanel Red Dream-iness of Super Star:


So mix them lots, I did. The result? Just like a Chanel: flirty shimmer in the bottle, elusive on the nail. Fixed THAT straightaway with a top coat of Orly Love Each Other [for subtlety] or Catrice Million Styles Effect Top Coat in ¿Holo Qué Tal? for no holds barred shimmer.  I will present the finished product in a subsequent post — although it is summer, I lost the light for photos whilst telling the tale.

To be continued…

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