Rosy brown lacquers with a little sumpin’ extra


L to R:  NYX Advanced Salon Formula Forever Young, BB Couture for Men Romeo, NYX Girls Red Bean Slush, Orly Mineral FX Rock the World

Since yesterday afternoon, sporting two coats of Forever Young sans base or top coat on fingers, same goes for Rock the World on toes. It has been over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in my city, hence my only errand outside of work was to the bank. Dazzled all the way by the smooth coverage and shininess of the microglitter and flakies in Forever Young, as well as its deceptive glossiness. I say deceptive cos it has since chipped and has major tipwear [in less than 24 hours!], reason for no nail photos. But was it ever beautiful while it lasted — garnered a compliment from the bank teller, who thought I had just come from a salon manicure. Downstairs, Rock the World has also chipped on the big toes only. Weird, as I’m wearing Havaianas — no shoes to push the lacquer around. I did a touch-up on RtW this morning, but alas, it’s already chipped again — a bigger chunk this time, in the same spot! So frustrating…

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