Look, everyone! It’s GOSH Gasoline and Golden Dragon…

I’ve just received these in the post from Canada.  Sometimes it’s easier to spend a little more money ordering from that auction site than a lot of time haggling over trades with ornery gals [it’s always they who have the good stuff and they know it] on that makeup site.  After having my fill of back-and-forth over small cylinders o’ color, I purchased GOSH Gasoline and Golden Dragon as a package deal for not much more than retail, and shipping was gratis.

Aren’t they pretty in them thar bottles?

I didn’t really want Gasoline at the time I ordered her, but as mentioned, these came as a duo.  Now that I have swatched ‘er, she is loverly as can be.  For quite a while now, I’ve had my eyes peeled and my hands out for the discontinued Catrice Forget Me Not and Poison Me, Poison You…but why, when I have these beauties in my possession to swatch and ogle?

L to R:  Maybelline Color Show Blue Freeze, GOSH Gasoline, Barry M Vivid Purple, Paul & Joe City Never Sleeps, Sephora Collection It’s Time to Rock!

Next up, Golden Dragon.  I like this much more on the nail wheel than in the bottle.  I was a little disappointed when I first saw it, in spite of its golden shimmer veining.  This was the polish I actually placed my Canadian order for — Mr. Golden Dragon.  And now that I’ve swatched it, I truly value it as golden in my massively overwhelming [or overwhelmingly massive] collection.

But guess what?  Early this year, I traded with a superb lady who gave me Maybelline Be Scene in Green as an extra.  It is almost an exact twin to GOSH Golden Dragon — perhaps a bit more aqua-turquoise and shimmery than Golden Dragon, but just a bit.  [N.B. Golden Dragon appears in these photos to be the bluer of the two, but this is an illusion fostered by my camera.] In the bottle, they even have the same veins of gold running through them.

On Golden Dragon’s left is Ulta Jaded.  This polish was a joy to work with and equally joyful to behold.  I thought if I didn’t swatch it here, I might not get around to it, as I have some fifty greens to show off in the near future, and this one is neither here nor there.  Ulta Jaded needs more love — online swatches I’ve viewed don’t do it justice, and the formula is top notch.  Available for a mere $2 USD, if your retail stars are in alignment with the store marketers’.

Other GOSH polishes I own:

Holographic [which reminds me of model paint in its powdery application and finish]

Purple Heart [which I will display soon in its corresponding multichrome comparison library volume]

GOSH polishes I want:

Frou Frou! Ocean! Come to mama milk tea!

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