Multichrome Comparison Library, Volume Three: Glitter Gal Red Night Sky Brilliant + wayward cousins thrice removed

Sigh. Uninspired…

I should deem this a discounting, in lieu of a comparison.  These polishes are all so different, yet they have a common, maybe none too obvious thread of gold-pink-orange-burgundy-red-brown-bronze running through them in varying guises and finishes.  Let’s have a look at my confusion:

L to R: Corona, Magic Sunset, Mesmerizing, Heat

Wild & Willing, Warm & Fozzie, Rustic Dream, Amber

Red Night Sky Brilliant, Idyllic, Poison Apple


I ordered my G-Gal online for about $20 USD.  The bottle is gorgeous, the font is über modern cool, my name is Gemma so of course I heart that G on the front, plus I’m half Australian…oh, and the polish looks amazing in the bottle.  In the bottle and in the bottle only, methinks.

Some time ago, I ended up with a free sackful of many stunning multichromes from a drugstore, simply because the shelf tag had listed an incorrect price and I mentioned the discrepancy at the cash register.  Instead of charging me the correct, lower price, they acknowledged their mistake by giving me the products free.  One of these stunning multichromes was Scherer Chameleon Corona.

Why do I yammer on and on about this Corona?  Because when I applied my Glitter Gal with bated breath and with the stars aligned just so in the night sky, it looked…well, awfully similar to…I dare say…Corona.  But it didn’t last as long as Corona, not even half as long, and it dug twenty times as deeply into my pocketbook.  [But it has a G for Gemma on it and it’s from Australia, like half of moi…]

See what I’m sayin’?

Varnishes which easily could have been included here, had I been more organized, inspired and less disappointed with the namesake of this post:

Accessorize – Pink Spice
China Glaze – Swanky Silk
Deborah Milano Shine Tech Scarabeo – 73 Sunset Highlights
Impala Disco Sex Appeal*
MAC – Bad Fairy
Maybelline Color Show – Pink Cosmo*
Misslyn – Peacock LE – 720 Elfin Butterfly
Models Own – Pinky Brown
OPI – I’d Like to Thank…
OPI – The Show Must Go On!

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