Having met online over the past couple of years a handful of ladies now dear to my heart, I was inspired to create this site as a tangible token of my affection for them, as well as a testament to that mutual adoration which brought us together — nail varnish, of course!

In particular, alelvi123 in Switzerland has quickly become my most fervent penpal. She has gone on a family holiday for the majority of this month sans Internet access. Left to my own devices in her absence with nail polish passion to spare, I thought to create a surprise for alelvi upon her return to technological civilization. Meanwhile, prior to going on vacation, alelvi sent me a surprise of her own, received today… voyons!


L to R: Two Essence Crystalliced TE members, Essence Fruity TE One Kiwi A Day, Essence Urban Messages TE Skyscraper, Essence Colour3 A Walk in the Park/Stop for an Ice Cream, Essence Re-Mix Your Style TE Show Me the Way

L to R: Essence NATventURista TE Barefoot Through the Moss, Catrice I’m A Star!, Flormar 418

L to R: Essence Colour3 Midnight Date/City That Never Sleeps, Barry M Vivid Purple, Catrice Heavy Metallilac

L to R: From Dusk to Dawn [old version], Revoltaire LE Attracting Camouflage x 2, Sing: Hey Dirty-Lilah!, Blue Cara Ciao

All of these varnishes will be featured in greater detail in upcoming posts, under various topics and groupings.