L to R: Break the Ice, Big City Dazzle, Kardashian Kolor It’s All About the Glam, WalMart exclusive Fabulous Is My Middle Name

NOPI Fabulous Is My Middle Name is the most interesting, unique glitter I’ve ever owned: it looks like multi-colored paper fibers on the nail and minute rainbow splinters in the bottle. This is NOT bar glitter, nor is it rainbow sugar glitter like the NYC bottle you see here (tho’ I love this too — it has its own merits, one of them being a low price tag, and looks delicious over the shimmery icing that is WnW Break the Ice).

FIMMN reminds me of a complex Chanel tweed. There is some silver microglitter present here, also. Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate a suitable photo of the Chanel couture created from this glittery rainbow weave (which also contains doses of black and white), so what little art direction there was for this post suffered mightily.

Meanwhile, I’ve taught myself to knit, which in conjunction with general domestic slavery utterly destroyed the manicures I had done with the four polishes shown here. The only one I managed to salvage and photograph was done with the two Nicole by OPI varnishes. Pass on the Kardashian Kolors; brave the retail travesty that is WalMart and getcha some kawaii sophisticate nails!