…if I haven’t yet explicitly divulged that I am greencurry on Makeup Alley and Miss Greencurry at onsugar dot com, these photos will surely give me away!

L to R: Seafoam, Open Seas, Thanks A Windmillion, Sea Green, Bevin, GR309 Mod Green

L to R: Mint Candy Apple, Am I Blue or Green?, Gumdrop, Be Happy, Greek Isles, Mint Apple

L to R: Delight, Gargantuan Green Grape, Olympia, Sold Out For Ever, Dream Catcher, Dress Maker

L to R: Show Me the $, Seaweed, Khaki Vintage, 442, Elephant Walk, 348, Sir! Yes Sir!

L to R: Jade Is Not My Name, 346, Leap Flog, Athens, Corduroy, Jungle Fever, Slate

With greens this plentiful, who could manage to keep their identity under wraps?

xo blueberry milk tea