Collections: Catrice Urban Baroque / Essence Season of Extremes & NATventURista

Catrice Urban Baroque

I’m still enthralled by the bottle(s) as much as I ever was, with color and texture as my daily playmates, conjuring up and executing manicures by the dozens. Why, then, have I not added any of the ingredients in my creation soup to the menu of (very) late? Hmm…

A majority of my recent experiments have been composed of outrageously gorgeous but subtle elements, virtually impossible to capture with a lens, either in the bottle or on the nail. I’ve been dreaming up various gradients, sans sponge or other nail art tools, inspired mainly by Japanese web sites (found by searching for Estessimo TINS — lots of Asian gals use these varnishes as part of their sparkly arsenal. So I’m able in this way to gaze upon lovely inspiration which otherwise never would have found ME).

Meanwhile, as I photographically gather the fruits of my labor into coherent and cohesive parts, here are images of (in my opinion) highly underrated/underestimated varnishes from past Cosnova collections, just received in the post from a wonderful young lady in Belgium. Like varnish-istas far and wide, while itching with anticipation for these bottles to arrive, I fervently searched the Internet for bottle shots and/or swatches of the colors I had chosen sight unseen — more often than not coming away from the computer disappointed at my selection, yet keeping in mind the difficulty of capturing the abundantly-apparent-on-live-nail beauty of sheer, light or nude colors. Since Cosnova products are not widely available (if at all) to U.S. gals, may these images bring fine spun-sugar sparkle and subtle yet stunning linear rainbow sheen direct to your computer. On with the show…enjoy!

No nanoglassfleck sparkle visible here, but it IS present in all four bottles! SO breathtakingly delicate…

These LE bottles are dainty at 8ml each; core collection Catrice varnishes are a hefty 10ml.

Here are three Colour3 (two on each end of the stick) polishes from the Essence Trend Edition Season of Extremes:

04 Just the Nude of Us, 05 Team Nude, 06 My Best Nude Friends and Me

Yes, you can take the Colour3s apart! Just give a quick tug to either side whilst holding firmly the midsection that binds them together…

No matter how closely one scrutinizes the photos below, the shimmering linear rainbow beauty in the lightly taupe base of NATventURista Chirp, Chirp! is nigh apparent. Nor is the dusting of delicate sugary sparkle in the peachy pink of You’re My Dragonfly, Sugar!

Top left: 01 You’re My Dragonfly, Sugar!
Top right: 04 Chirp, Chirp!

Ahh…gotcha! Actually, there exists a subtle full color spectrum that blends like a rainbow, not just linear flashes of turquoise and pink! If this crazy magic translates to the nail, you will be the first to know…

I’d like to whet appetites for and increase popularity of ALL of these unsung beauties simply by making images available. It was difficult (to say the least) to locate ANY photos of certain of the Season of Extremes varnishes…largely due to the n*de factor in the names. And most gals seem to favor Barefoot Through the Moss as the heroine of the NATventURista collection, whilst that one scarcely slides into last place on my nails…

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