Recent Japanese nail varnish acquisitions, Chapter I

L to R: Estessimo TiNS 047 The Yummy Milk Shake, Estessimo TiNS 046 The Charming Kitty, PA Eternal END-208, PA Eternal END-214

Side view of above lineup

Labels — practically indistinguishable in this photo, but as I’m always interested in such minutiae, I included this image for the sake of the “ledger of irrelevant data”…

Ordered online from Mei Mei’s Signatures in Singapore. My always-giggling-about-something son burst out laughing when he saw the sender’s name on the package, Pee Yee. Surely not as funny in Chinese characters, or if Romanized as Pi Yi. Mr. Giggly said, “At least the sender wasn’t Pee Pee.” I didn’t tell him that this combination is indeed a possibility in the Chinese name landscape…

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