PFF Series: Zoya FeiFei & Friends

FeiFei + Winter Wonder = PFFs

FeiFei = better formula of the two, a real diva, almost too blingy for me

Winter Wonder = runny + drippy, be careful with this flashy but delicate personality

Faceted has been included as part of the group since she was purchased at the same time as Winter Wonder from the Sinful Colors Winter Shimmer display, and because I used her as a top coat over Winter Wonder to differentiate from my FeiFei fingers [otherwise I would not be able to tell these identical twins apart].

These varnishes are truly diva beauty incarnate.  My hausfrau hands appear even more so with such complexity of shimmer – my instinct is to remove these colors stat, but I will try to snap a photo beforehand… I will thus not be adding the two listed below to my collection.

Other steely blue complex shimmers belonging to this clique:

Estee Lauder – Chaos

OPI – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

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