PFF Series: Opaque + chic neutral cremes

I braved a mall today, from where I inevitably return home with buyer’s remorse, no matter how much restraint I exercise when shopping.  While there, if something catches my eye, I tend to buy it in spite of the aforementioned usual regret — I’m there so infrequently and don’t want to feel compelled to return any time soon because I can’t stop thinking of an item I should have picked up when I had the chance.

Enter Icing by Claire’s Posh Princess.

Posh Princess 1 Posh Princess 2

Now, I was SO good at my first retail stop, Forever 21. I had both hands full with four indie-esque glitter varnishes, but didn’t leave the store with them, reminding myself how F21 varnishes always look so tempting in-store yet don’t work for me when I get home. Claire’s had an oh-so-subtle whited petal pink varnish [Sugar On Top] that was causing heightened endorphins, but the store was teeming with schoolgirls on a field trip, and I felt embarrassed to even be among them, especially since the amount of our pocket money is likely equal at this stage of my budget.  On to the relatively grown-up Icing by Claire’s where, bathed in the glow of their deceptive lighting, I caved. For one bottle and one bottle only!

Posh Princess 3

Posh Princess 4

Contrary to my forehead-smacking upon arriving home and suddenly remembering a few varnishes in my drawer that I thought could be PFFs, turns out they are very, very different. Let’s take a look:

L to R:  Icing by Claire's Posh Princess, CQ Vintage, F21 Love & Beauty Natural, Paul & Joe 28 Baby Doll, Tony Moly ND05 Milk Tea, Catrice Fabulous 40ties LE C04 The Nude Scene

L to R: Icing by Claire’s Posh Princess, CQ Vintage, F21 Love & Beauty Natural, Paul & Joe 28 Baby Doll, Tony Moly ND05 Milk Tea, Catrice Fabulous 40ties LE C04 The Nude Scene

Tony Moly Milk Tea is the varnish I had imagined [and worried about] as a PFF to Posh Princess. PP, however, is a bone that leans very grey, with even a few yellowgreen drops. Sounds gross, right? Pretty pretty pretty! Tony Moly is over on the side of the mauve-y pinks, ‘cos it has more of those tones…

Posh Princess 6

Posh Princess 7

Isn’t it amazing how utterly distinct these look in their lovely bottles versus on the nail wheel?

Posh Princess 8

I’ll be gifting/exchanging F21 Love & Beauty as well as Paul & Joe and Tony Moly, based on their performance/appearance on the nail wheel.

Posh Princess 9

CQ Vintage leans lilac [might have included her in the prior PFF series] and Catrice The Nude Scene is misleading… she’s a chic light mauve.

No regrets putting this princess in my polish purse!

No regrets adding this princess to my polish purse!

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