Catrice 430 Purpleized is the token bottle that opened the gates to enriching acquaintance with my Swiss Miss alelvi123. Last year around this time, I was struck by a sudden jones for this varnish, but alas, none of my existing varnish cronies had it for exchange or purchase. Most had never heard of it and many instead made reference to the Cover Girl multichrome Purplexed [which I missed out on completely, but do have Hits Mari Moon Dreamer for consolation]. Alelvi123 eventually came to my rescue with her fully stocked Catrice arsenal down Geneva way, vis-a-vis Makeup Alley. Catrice 430 Purpleized #1 Catrice 430 Purpleized #2 A bottle shot tribute to the one that didn’t get away — almost a year later, alelvi123 and I have firmly cemented our friendship and have established by mutual gentlewomen’s agreement Catrice Purpleized as the cornerstone to our jointly owned Purple Palace, currently under construction on two continents. xo blueberry milk tea P.S. Background is my Mayle pouch.