Recent Japanese Nail Varnish Acquisitions, Chapter II

Pa #1

Pa Nail Color A138, shimmery glassfleck transparent milky beige; Pa Nail Color Premier Lame Grande AA36

Pa #2

Whilst waiting to close the box on 6+ kilos of varnish from Sao Paulo, I haven’t stopped acquiring other little bottles of paint to show you. However, I’ve been distracted and busy this summer, and most of the time am too weary to put anything on my nails. When I at long last came upon a condensed Pa display at a Japanese household goods shop, I limited myself to a sole purchase — A138. Unlike my acquisitions before and after, I used it right away.

Pa #3

I don’t know if all Pa Nail Color is as user-friendly as A138, but I haven’t looked back since I bought it. I don’t use base or top coat, just a quick and easy two coats, sometimes three if I desire more shimmer and less transparency. A138 applies beautifully and dries quickly.

Pa #4

So I bought another online that was sold out at the shop, Premier Lame Grande AA36. Neither the swatch in the shop, nor online bottle shots show what’s really going on in this varnish.

Pa #5

My intent was just to add a gradient-esque application of glitter to the tips, but I didn’t realize how dark AA36’s base is. The glitter is also pretty dense — not too much so, but you can’t apply AA136 to tips with the bottle brush without obvious demarcation.

Pa #6

Pa #7

Pa #10

DSC #11

Pa #13

Today and tomorrow, the annual Japanese summer festival is being held at the Buddhist temple down the street. A fitting duo for getting teriyaki BBQ stuck under your nails…

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