Imagine, illness striking during this season of light and heat… but I’ve been struck down for days now. It’s all I can do to stare glassy-eyed for a few minutes on a sunny afternoon at a screen featuring a lineup of beauties from a nail varnish lover across the globe, before my energy wanes and my weary eyes close once again.

Today, I was in Moscow, ogling a wonderful collection of the above tones, which immediately inspired me (winded, groaning and shuffling) to round up my own and give them some admiration.

I figured this would be an easy task, since it is these shades of which I own the least.

Or so I thought… in Sunday’s morning light, you’ll see all I’ve culled. Editing such volume was rough going for sick li’l me… but these bottles look oh, so pretty all lined up and ready to show.

xo blueberry milk tea