PFF Series: Chanel Cosmic Violine doppelgangers

Boca de Sino #1

Chanel Cosmic Violine was one of those colors that I’d purchased on autopilot, back in the days when I paid no attention to cosmetic collections, seasons, etc. I’d just shop online, see some Chanel vernis that looked interesting, and casually drop a few bottles into my electronic cart, never to be seen on my nails. I ended up trading Cosmic Violine brand new for Riva. (Remember her?)

Regarding Impala Novo 70 Boca de Sino, well, I never ever ever thought I would acquire her in my lifetime, and now she’s landed here on my table, originally part of a lot on that auction site. Over a year ago, I attempted to Franck-en Boca de Sino. You can see the lineup of ingredients here, and the resulting bottle is the one labeled Sation Hazel Nut above. The flakies, microglitter and shimmer of the components all got lost in the base, probably because there wasn’t a high enough proportion of suspension as a flotation device…

Estee Lauder Fiery Hot is its own standalone masterpiece.  When I recently saw Chanel Cosmic Violine (on the behemoth shopping site that begins with an A) for a terrific price, I passed her up.  From what I remember of CV, she had bigger particles, was thicker and chunkier than Fiery Hot’s finely ground pink and gold shimmer, and, well, who needs ‘er now with this trio?  My Franck-en would do in a pinch if I were to add fine gold dust + pink microshimmer top coats to help bring out what got buried in the base color(s).

Boca de Sino #2

Top, my Franck-en
Middle, Impala Novo 70 Boca de Sino
Bottom, Estee Lauder Fiery Hot

Boca de Sino #3a

My Franck-en base is the most opaque — I think it will look wonderful with some effect topcoats to set it off.
Impala Novo 70 Boca de Sino is more brown than red, and its shimmers are not as prominent as those in Fiery Hot, so the lack of reflectors makes it look darker.
Estee Lauder Fiery Hot is the reddest of the trio, or at least it appears that way due to the crazy beautiful amount of ultra finely ground pink and gold shimmer.

Boca de Sino #4


Auf wiedersehen, xo blueberry milk tea

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