Couldn’t find this TE anywhere in California whilst still frozen at the advent of summer, so I ordered the few items still available from Spain after U.S. Labor Day! In case it was a little soft upon arrival, I stuck it in the freezer straightaway. Really, it’s pouring rain here today, so the little freezer light helped a lot to illuminate the gloom… please click on the shoddy photos for greater detail.

Me & My Ice Cream

Nail Topping stickers:  I had thought these were digital images of li’l caviar beads, but no — they’re 3D!  Making fall that much more fun.

Me & My Ice Cream

Varnishes are L to R, 01 Ben & Cherries, 02 Always in My Mint, 03 Ice, Ice Baby, 04 Icylicious

Me & My Ice Cream

Baked eyeshadow 01 Cone Head

Me & My Ice Cream

Baked eyeshadows 02 Icylicious and 03 Always in My Mint

Me & My Ice Cream

All varnishes have subtle shimmer and great brushes.

Baked shadows:

01 Cone Head is pinky beige with lilac, darker taupe and purple veining

02 Icylicious is rosy peach with sparkly light and darker gold beige veining

03 Always in My Mint is light beige with pale mint (duh), pearl and peach veining

When the sun comes out to play, we can experiment with these super fun things, two seasons or more behind the Essence Trend Editions here in the U.S. … no matter, I *heart* Cosnova and consider their products worth spending my meager savings on international shipping.

xo blueberry ice cream (make that milk tea)