Essence Urban Messages TE 02 Skyscraper

Impala Novo 70 Boho Chic

Essence C&G 142 Grey-t to Be Here

Essence Vintage District TE 04 Get Arty

Essence Beauty Beats TE 03 As Long As You Love Me


Urban Messages:  sky blue shimmer, gold veining.  The veining makes the grey appear warmer and the color of concrete.

Novo 70:  silvery shimmer with blue and pink flash.  I die a little every time I spot Brazilian ladies’ swatches of this on Flickr walls…

C&G:  pink and gold to green shimmer.  Don’t know why this is still an untried (confession:  the entire lineup remains in this status…).

Vintage District:  similar to C&G, albeit with a darker base color.  Pink/gold-green shimmer also seems more visibly present.

BB:  Da-yum, did Essence hit it out of the concert stadium with this Justin Bieber collaboration or what?  That, or I’m Cosnova-starved, being that it’s been almost a year since I’ve seen a Trend Edition display (outdated or not) in real life here in Northern California.  I scooped up all four Beauty Beats varnishes without a second thought, no regrets.  This bottle contains a denser, more complex microshimmer than the other greys pictured here.  Subtler and sans flash, more like a patina where there is some aged blue, green, gold, silver.  LOVE it to pieces.  Have not seen any online swatches yet that do this one justice.  Essence raised their prices by a whopping 50 cents per bottle this go-round, but the mini-hike is well worth it.

xo blueberry milk tea