Reporting from Sally Beauty in rural Northern California

2014-01-23 16.46.36

Aha, gotcha, blueberry milk tea!

After a late afternoon interpreting in a small town in the golden foothills, I thought to wait out traffic by hanging out in the local Sally Beauty for a while, and (just maybe) indulging a long-time desire by the name of China Glaze Pelican Gray.

Well.  There is lots happening in Sally Beauty territory these days, I must say.  Pelican Gray stayed on shelf so I could fill all my hands could carry with the latest and greatest.  Behold the listing on my receipt:

(1) China Glaze Sand Dolla Make You Holla, bottle only pictured above (what a perfectly mortifying name!)

Speaking of mortifying, no, in real life, my hands do not look like petrified preserved stuff in a Chinese pickle barrel.

On the nails of the pallid shriveled one:

2x Revlon Colorstay Calla Lily

Thumb, not shown (2) Finger Paints Vivid Reflection, 1x.  Yes, there is a new flakie collection in town!  These are subtle, just the way I like ’em.  Vivid Reflection has violet and gold flash — it’s the only one of the flakes that has a synergistic effect on the golden pink nanoshimmer of Revlon Calla Lily, rather than concealing it.  On the other four fingers, 1x, in which order I’ve since forgotten and now it’s too dark to tell: (3) Finger Paints Colorful Dream, (4) Finger Paints Psychedelic Hue, (5) Finger Paints Symmetrical Symphony.  Because the SA at Sally Beauty assured me there were only four flakies in the Kaleidoscope collection in lieu of five (I didn’t spot the fifth on my own), I bought a (6) mini China Glaze Fairy Dust and put her on the remaining flake-less pinky. (This to tide me over while I wait for Flormar 392, crème de la crème of small particle holo glitters, to arrive in the post.)

These bottles are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous.  Subtle, diaphanous gorgeousness.  I must be in the extreme minority preferring them to the original in yo’ face FP flakies.  Once I obtain the fifth that got away, Abstract something, a blue-violet flake combination, I’ll stop teasing you already and at the very least present bottle shots with descriptions.  Meanwhile, please refer to my flocado collection post here!

Needless to state, my road trip out to the sticks was a fruitful one!

More detail from the field coming soon.

blueberry milk tea, reporting xx

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