Here is what I sent to her, an image that doesn’t belong to me (many, many thanks to its rightful owner, found on a Russian message board site):


And here is what she, a fellow wordsmith and translator in Ukraine, sent to me:

2014-02-06 18.19.30

This was during my purple madness phase of early 2014.  Matters were of course already stewing at that time between Russia and Ukraine, but conflict rose to boiling point around the time I dispatched an OPI duo to Lviv in exchange for the Flormar selection above.  OPI and See’s Candy chocolate Valentine hearts (the closest thing the U.S. has to a traditional sweet, no?) made it intact to their recipient immediately before the highly filtered reports of the events in Crimea reached my ears.

Neutral parties were able to embark on safe passage this go-round.  Be safe and well, vladalviv, and may these blessings travel in concentric circles to those closest to you, to those closest to them, ad infinitum… we remain vulnerable in spite of our beautiful, colorful, international nails.

xx blueberry milk tea