Agh! Why are these shades suddenly so hard to describe?


Impala Disco Patins, OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around, Impala Le Rose, SH CSM Gray-t Escape, Tony Moly Milk Tea, Orly Dare to Bare, Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days


Impala Le Rose and SH CSM Gray-t Escape were inadvertently left out of this Valentine post.


Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days looks greyer than the rest and indeed she is… but she fits in better with this group than any other upcoming…


Indoors, same order as first photo.



L to R, 2x each:

1 – Impala Disco Patins

2 – OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around

3 – Impala Le Rose

4 – SH CSM Gray-t Escape

5 – Tony Moly Milk Tea

6 – Orly Dare to Bare

7 – Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days


Much of the purpose of my swatching efforts this weekend was to cull favorites from the PFFs and reduce overwhelming quantity of similarities, but the conclusion I’ve drawn instead thus far is that I need them all… 🙂

Certainly to be continued… these need to be finished once and for all so I can add more volumes to the multichrome library!

xx blueberry milk tea