Collections: a trio from Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood


Sing You Like A Bee, Southern Charm, Lips Are Dripping Honey.  They probably listen to American country ballads on occasion in Bangkok…








Sing You Like A Bee is an amazing varnish.  I intend to add a pearly rainbow volume to the Multichrome Comparison Library; SYLB will surely have her own bookmark there.  She’s a shape shifter in a different way on the nail than in the bottle, though.  More yellow gold-green flash than anything else, with fine rainbow shimmer all round and seems to have an almost matte, sugary texture (might have been due to the heat + base coat combination that day) .  That said, SYLB + Lips Are Dripping Honey equal an incredible layering combination.

Caveat:  ended up having to immediately remove all this gorgeousness.  Nothing cured properly, in spite of the unseasonably warm weather…

Southern Charm remains untried; I didn’t own her yet when I used the other two in layering combination.  Played instead with Impala Fun Rosa Candy, a similar peachy nude with subtle gold shimmer, and Celestial Shine Revlon Sun Candy duo (which I’ve had since Sun Candy first launched and have spent months on end just ogling).

Caveat no. 2:  none of these cured properly either!  My failure tally seems to be much greater than the success side on the manicure scoreboard…

xx blueberry milk tea

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