Inspiration: Marie Antoinette a la Sofia Coppola pale green taffetas, satins and silks

What an enormously beautiful palette this movie was composed with, a delectable feast for the eyeballs.  I watched it last night in French this time, playing the game of mentally naming varnish colors in my collection that correspond to what I was viewing ecstatically on screen.  Peripherally, I found that this helped to focus the organization and initiation of my “green shelf” swatching:  I’ve been holding off on this project since there are more minty crèmes on the way in the post from Brazil which I don’t intend to exclude (in addition, any time I’ve gone to a drugstore in the past six months, I pick up another one!).

Beginning with these pale greens with shimmer and sheen is perfection, as they mimic the texture of the sumptuous fabrics I love so much in the movie.  Additionally, I can show you some Etude House — I have both of the Etoinette Versailles Nails sets, which I’ve not yet featured in their entirety… here is one containing a mint green with barely there gold shimmer.  Once I had corralled these for swatching on the nail wheel, I remembered more bottles here and there which had been forgotten, so the nail wheel is all mixed up re shade and tone, but I did attempt to better organize the bottle shots.  Et voila!



Nail wheel order, 2-3x each depending on varnish:

Essence Me & My Ice Cream TE 02 Always in My Mint – gorgeous once it dries, pearly microshimmer adds depth, but application was streaky and fussy on the nail wheel. This bottle shape always has a brush that looks nice, but is too hard and straight, dragging the varnish along with it and making streaks where none should be. Reason why I sat on my hands and didn’t purchase any nail varnish from the Kalinka TE, as much as I was tempted…

Impala Cores do Oceano Conchas – Wow! Lightest blue and pink microshimmery sheer palest green. Perhaps this layered over the Essence above would make Essence shape up, although both look perfectly beautiful on their own. I didn’t buy anything from the Sinful Colors sheer collection out now, even the pale green and lightest blue shimmers, cos I knew I had this awaiting me…

F21 Love & Beauty Seafoam – another rather dusty greygreen-leaning stunner with glassfleck shimmer. This has been in the swatching queue for years along with Essie Maximilian Strasse-Her and Zoya Bevin, among others, but I removed it cos the others are crème finishes. F21 L&B polishes (in the old bottles, don’t know about the new) are super sparkly shimmery in the bottles and tend to apply with a rather disappointing flat finish on the nail. I think this one might be an exception, if I can get it on my nails before it dries out!

Big Universo Lemonade – yellow-leaning sheer green base with bright green shimmer. I adore all of my BUs and wanted this for the longest while, but I don’t wear them much cos when I do, they never ever dry.

MAC Relic – a darker version of Essence Natventurista TE Chirp, Chirp! (which methinks one of the most gorgeous varnishes ever sighted). This polish is at least 11 years old; it’s all I used to wear at one point. Not at all attractive in the frosted glass cube, even looked creepy upon first application to the nail wheel, but dried to an amazing muted non-streaky bronzegreygreen pearl with subtle pink sheen. This has been up for swap for some time, but I will remove it from my swap list stat.

Etude House Mint Leaf – EH always hits it out of the park. I don’t have one measly varnish from them I don’t love. This one I’m practically rationing since the bottle is so tiny and it’s still untried. Two very thin coats on the nail wheel; a perfectly muted green with finest gold microshimmer that you can actually see on the nail.

Eyeko Pastel Polish – seemingly thin formula, base leans more bluegreen a la Essie Mint Candy Apple, but also has a blue-violet sheen/shimmer that enhances the blue in the base. I like it; reminds me of pastilles.

Jordana Lemon Tropic – very bluegreen pearl with gold sheen. It holds its own as a silken sash or satin ribbon on a boudoir dressing table.

Essence C&G 146 That’s What I Mint! – I was prepared yesterday to buy several backups of this while it’s still available here in the U.S. It looks perfect on shelf and in the bottle and likely is just that — color is amazing blue-leaning green with same white microsheen as the Me & My Ice Cream TE pale green, application is perfect in one coat, although I used two on the nail wheel.

Essence Beauty Beats TE 02 I’m Backstage – Much bluer than That’s What I Mint! due to intense bright blue microshimmer. Appears more garishly turquoise-leaning than I expected, with a thin, streaky formula (maybe this could have been remedied with a third coat). Still, fits right in with Marie Antoinette’s sherbet-y taffeta palette.

Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Gentle Blossom – thickest, saturated icy bright mint formula of all, with a rather dull finish in spite of all the shimmer, the way that F21 varnishes usually dry. This is pretty, but I never ever used it after manicuring Maman‘s nails with it.

Essence Natventurista TE 02 Chirp, Chirp! – see above comments re MAC Relic. This is a lighter version of that varnish, less frosty and more pearly sheer, definitely multichrome sheen. Pink, gold, green and white microshimmer in a sheer khaki pearlescent base. My number one of all time. Caveat — it has that weird hard even-bristled brush which drags the subtle gorgeousness of the varnish and makes it streak horribly…

Au revoir,

Bises xx blueberry the au lait

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