Collections: OPI Garden Party Soft Shades 2007


H20 – Hearts & Tarts

H21 – No Bees Please

H22 – Funny Bunny

H23 – Just Tea-sing!

H24 – I’ll Take the Cake!

H25 – Mod Hatter

I knew nothing of this collection until browsing at Target one summer day way back in 2011.  Even then, I only picked up Just Tea-sing! cos it had an amazing rainbow nanoshimmer under those magic lights of theirs and looked really different from any other neutral I had seen — like a sparkly weak milk tea!  Just my thing!

Next, I became obsessed with Mod Hatter, I don’t know how, never having seen it in real life.  I eventually obtained a messy bottle of it in a swap; the thing came open in transit so I lost a lot of precious stuff, then the spilled lacquer corroded parts of the brush handle.  Somehow I think my Mod Hatter might have been doctored with either remover or thinner, as it looks weird and thin in the bottle, and also applies strangely in comparison to the others in this collex.

Bought No Bees Please on the auction site in 2012 and just opened it last week to do a Skittles mani with the others.  Nothing irritates me more than opening what is supposed to be a new bottle of varnish, only to find a gunked-up neck after all that tugging and twisting…

Last weekend, I was entertaining the Sunday fancy of heading to a few out-of-the-way nail shops to buy some others from this collection.  I couldn’t remember which ones I had, nor the names of all of the members of the set.  I knew I’d recognize them once I got to that heavenly professional OPI display; meanwhile, I stopped into Target to buy some bedsheets.

Well, I ended up sprawled out sick on my new Shabby Chic queen set for the better part of last week, but not before I found I’ll Take the Cake! in a summer OPI display at Target and did my sheer Skittles mani with the four I do own.  My hands are trashed now, so no photos of them — here are bottle shots on the garden party-esque sheets I’ve been lolling around on ill and disheveled:


No Bees Please, Just Tea-sing!, Mod Hatter, I’ll Take the Cake!


No Bees Please, Just Tea-sing!


Left :  Just Tea-sing! *matches the base of my tea set, and Orly Sea Gurl would mimic the flower border detail divinely in nail art — been harbouring this idea for over 2 years now*

Right: I’ll Take the Cake!, the one I just oh-so-serendipitously found at Target last week.  This is hands down my favourite of the bunch (if only I could find a proper, decent bottle of Mod Hatter…).

Early last week before illness struck, I made the trek out to one of the professional nail shops to track down Hearts & Tarts and Funny Bunny before I wrote this post, intending to show you a complete collection.  After I arrived there, having spent my entire lunch hour stuck in traffic, I spotted them right away in the top row of the lightest, sheerest colors on display — and decided I didn’t like them.  Sheer jelly whites intimidate me (Essie Marshmallow), as much as I adore the manis other gals do with them.  Essence Colour & Go has a sheer white in a recent collection that has become my holy grail; I’ll show it to you shortly.  For now, onward ho to the green shelf we go!

*Clink clink of porcelain tea service*

xx blueberry milk tea

Uppermost photo courtesy of Rakuten Japan

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