I can’t find the name for this collection — it was on the display, but nowhere to be found online.  Let my experience today be a lesson in humility:  I went to drugstore locale #1 in search of something else, saw this display, ogled the mint and bright blue only, paid no mind to the cloudy silver grey, and promptly overcame my compulsion to buy due to sheer brand snobbery.  On to drugstore locale #2, where I again ogled the crèmes, then came back around to the display to admire the summer ocean/sky at dusk advertisement.  In the failing eyesight of my middle age, I decided to give the metallic stormy bottle a look at close range.  When I picked it up, it flashed a beautiful, subtle, smooth but nonetheless holographic rainbow.  Lacking self control regarding these matters, my first impulse was to take the entire glossy cardstock display (still full since apparently I’m the only varnish fiend who has happened upon these) and plop it into my basket.  But I didn’t.  I only took one of each, with the idea to return and buy the rest of the silver holo bottles, which by the way is called Lunar Halo.  Blame it on my poor eyesight, but I could swear at drugstore locale #1, these were going for $3.99 USD each.  I happily forked over $5.99 USD x 3 at drugstore locale #2.  Without further ado, here are bottle shots at 7pm on the summer solstice (and Lunar Halo still shows its holo rainbow!).

Mint – Star Boulevard
Bright Blue – Ocean Minded
Silver Holo – Lunar Halo

Lunar Halo might be a top coat – it contains two huge mixing balls, and when I amused myself by swirling them around, I could see them in their entirety, which means LH is very sheer. Don’t let sheer deter you, though — the utter beauty of this sparkly rainbow distracted me like mad in the intense summer light whilst driving home from the day’s drugstore stalking jaunt.

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