Sigh.  Acquired after I finished a great many comparisons in which these would have fit quite nicely…

Again, I had gathered a handful and realized while taking photos there were several more, so had to adjust the lineup.

No buyer’s remorse here, they’re all super pretty!

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China Glaze The Giver LE Five Rules
CND Vinylux Powder My Nose
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit
Morgan Taylor Birthday Suit

OPI Coca Cola You’re So Vain-illa
Sinful Colors Beige of Honor
Essie Take It Outside
Dior Palais Royal

None has been swatched yet; the only one I’ve worn as a full mani is Essie Take It Outside. It looked disturbingly dove grey, similar to my dud version of L’Apogee Fantastic Glitters Nude Surpreendente. I was only satisfied with it in certain outdoor light, when it appeared grey-lilac, but never taupe, as it does in the bottle. Hmm…

I’ve acquired about 10 members of the SH Miracle Gel Line but have yet to open any of them. Speaking of Sally Hansen, I spent a brief period this summer stalking the Electric Summer collection and have now obtained all except one — I can’t remember its name or I would let you know. 🙂

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