Random untried holo rainbow series, feat. Catrice Haute Future LE, prelude to vol. III


The shadows are a bit long and the light is waning this summer’s eve… I’ve shown you all my silver holo nail varnishes and top coats except for these two.  Well, I did wax poetic about PP Lunar Halo previously here.  Now I’ve another amazingly unique varnish to go on about, Catrice Haute Future LE C05 Gem Into the Future.  Gem!  Yes, my name, in English!


Gem Into the Future is a really nice silver holo with light blue flakes.  If you click to enlarge the above photo, you can see them pretty well in the bottle.


There they are again, the elusive little monsters…


Please consider this a teaser to the upcoming number in the holo rainbow series, since I can’t seem to capture any images at the moment to do justice to these varnishes…

xx bmt

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