Sunday nail flop

foto 2

China Glaze Princess Grace
Passe Nati Mythos Hera
Big Universo Rotse (found it!)

foto 3

Pearly shimmery gradient, influenced by Japanese nail blogs circa 2009:

Orly Nail Armor as base coat
Passe Nati on tips 1/3
China Glaze 2/3 nail
Big Universo entire nail
Impala top coat

A recipe for a mess that in addition to being ugly, never ever dries.  Each of these is quite pretty on her own, especially Passe Nati Hera.

I’ve tried again in differing combinations and will sport for Monday… if they last through Sunday night, that is.  Can these iPhone images be any tinier/poorer quality?

Will (hopefully) update an improvement on Monday.

xx bmt


foto 3

Changed the lineup a bit, applying Essence Studio Nails XXL Nail Thickener as base early in the afternoon and performing the rest of the layers in the evening, which stank to high heaven all night long…

Every other nail:

2x Big Universo Rotse, 1x Piggy Polish Lunar Halo

2x China Glaze Princess Grace, 1x China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat

All, 1x Out the Door Top Coat

foto 1

No cleanup yet… this photo was taken with my silly phone upon awakening, and cleanup for this frosty mani will consist of the lazy mode of jumping in the shower with a nail brush. 🙂

I envisioned this as a pearly inside-of-a-seashell kind of thing to accompany a handbag I own that has a shell handle.  Will try to get images of the combo if workday allows.

xx #2, bmt


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