Old multichrome spam

I took these photos back in early summer 2012. The majority of the varnishes have been traded; some whose names I cannot remember. What I do remember is the feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the bottles on my desk. Absolutely minimal in comparison to what I’m currently contending with… and I keep adding more!

Please, if you know the names of any of the anonymous varnishes, pray tell!


Nina Ultra Pro Molten Lava, Nubar Shock Sonic Sunset, Crystal Mesmerizing (these last two I have hung onto for sentimental reasons, as they were a gift from kimbuyah on MUA)



This Sinful had some catchy name, reason I bought it from cherryculture… actually I bought two and gave them both away.

Catrice Clay-ton My Hero, wish I had never swapped this away

Finger Paints Warm He-Art-ed


These definitely aren’t multchromes; more of a complex shimmer in a muddy base… but here they are anyhow.


Orly Fifty-Four, OPI that I have since swapped away.  Name, anyone?



OPI I’m a Princess, You’re Not!


OPI Rent, Thoroughly Modern Millie… or the other way around, Anna Sui 32C, 235



Scherer Chameleon Corona (I think…), OPI Movin’ Out and ???


And yes, that mini Max Factor in the background *is* Fantasy Fire, which I gave to alelvi123 before I could show her off here.

xx blueberry milk tea

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