La dolce vita

Sinful Colors – Scandal
Essence Colour & Go – Naughty & Pink
L’Apogee Be Happy – Amizade

Scandal was the first varnish for which I remember making a dedicated trip to the drugstore, based on fangirl recommendations. What an original beauty she is — smooth jelly, bright peachy-leaning pink with a transparency even at three seamless, streakless coats. This is Chanel caliber for less than $2 USD.

Naughty & Pink has a similar crelly finish. Gorgeous saturated, glossy transparency at two coats. Another contender for the higher-priced big leagues.

Amizade has rainbow microshimmer in a saturated hot red-pink base; the whole picture reminds me of OPI Japan-exclusive Pink Cupcake. But Pink Cupcake is positively demure next to Amizade; no PFFs here! I was swooning upon applying two coats to the nail wheel, due to its dazzling beauty and… those Brazilian varnish fumes. Reminds me of being a child in the back seat of the car at the gas station, with my grandparents ordering the attendant either “premium” or “ethyl”…

Just looking at these images makes me feel good, positive, happy, appreciative of life and the freedoms most of us enjoy.

Here’s to an upbeat start of a new week on planet Earth!

xx blueberry milk tea

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