Dance Legend Las Vegas Collection no. 1067 Palazzo

I must admit, I had almost immediate buyer’s remorse after purchasing Palazzo online and subsequently seeing swatches of her. I thought the last thing I needed was another seemingly unoriginal, mediocre-appearing (on the nail, anyhow) pinky purple silver hex glitter, and really wanted to call the seller to replace it with Mirage from the same collection, which looks much more interesting in swatches.

Then she arrived in the mail. I was smitten, utterly smitten, by every detail of the bottle, the crazily holo glittery content, and… the lamp. Yes, that’s a push-button switch on top, with the binary symbol.

Must wear this soon soon soon. Although my work is often venued in Las Vegas, I cannot have this on my nails during the week…

There’s a joker in this deck, though. The brush stem is bent to a 45-degree angle! Yes, a crooked dealer. Well, what more could we expect from a collection named after Sin City? But does she ever put on a dazzling floor show, especially when the spotlight’s turned on…

xx blueberry milk tea

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