Suzi’s Hungary Again!, You’re Such a Budapest, My Paprika is Hotter than Yours!, Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Paprika


In these last months of 2014, I’ve filled three boxes with new varnish purchases.  There’s more on the way, yet I’ve had unpainted nails on tips and toes since mid-October…

After composing the grey post below, I managed to amass quite a few more befitting the stormy spectrum.  For its part, the green shelf is about to fall off the wall.  I’m afraid to add any more minty bottles to that dainty little unit.  Until I figure out how to best organize the overflow in my drawers and at the café, I’m busy cataloguing.  You can view the result of a handful of my efforts on the brand/country/region tabs on the home page.

I’m quite backlogged on spectrum comparisons as I keep adding new shades to the lineups.  It seems to me too many of these in a row make for dull visuals.  I’m considering organizing posts uniquely by brand in order to share all I’ve acquired in the past months; meanwhile, I’m creating and updating page tabs so you can easily view lists of inventory via country/region of origin and/or brand…

This obsession with colour has gotten tedious and overwhelming, it’s not what I intended to become, a varnish hoarder/collector… so whilst documenting my most recent OPI bottles, I stopped to smell the spices and put together a little vignette to give you a respite from all of the comparisons.

xx blueberry milk tea