…o bien, pobre niña rica?

Rich girl, poor girl… or rather, poor little rich girl?

In varnish, that is!

This post was so popular among café patrons that I thought to make it a regular feature, ja?

I’ll begin with the minimal NARS I’ve recently acquired as a springboard, and take it from there, for your viewing pleasure.



NARS Kalmynos, $20 USD at Sephora, purchased November 2014

Sally Hansen CSM 370 I Lilac You, $2 USD on drugstore seasonal clearance, purchased December 2014

Please keep in mind that the varnishes in this series are not carefully selected for closest match among high-end and low-end in my overflowing collection; rather, they are current examples of how I as a shopper am a creature of habit and preference when it comes to shades and finishes, no matter the price point.

Also, the varnishes I’ve shown you thus far are culled from my most recent acquisitions (in the past couple of months I have gone even more hog wild than usual… or not, lol).

Hopefully my bottle duplicity will (1) best case scenario, come in handy or (2) worst case scenario, entertain!

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