…or Other People’s Photos!

Almost immediately after vowing to myself not to acquire more varnishes or anything remotely related until I successfully wade through backlog, I hit purchase on several Essie lots on the auction site. Here is the first temptation to which I easily succumbed:


This ravishing image was taken by seller.

Here are the names in alphabetical order; I’ll tag the photo above upon receipt of the goodies!

1 – A-Crewed Interest
2 – Braziliant
3 – Chubby Cheeks
4 – Click It or Ticket (the shimmer in the forefront)
5 – Cute As A Button
6 – Fear or Desire
7 – Haute as Hell
8 – Love Every Minute
9 – Meet Me At Sunset
10 – Ole Caliente
11 – Orange, It’s Obvious
12 – Resort Fling
13 – Roarrrange
14 – Saturday Disco Fever
15 – Serial Shopper
16 – Tart Deco
17 – Van D’Go
18 – Vermillionaire

I just bought a heavily discounted mini of Roarrrange; Vermillionaire was one of the first Essies I chased after and later swapped away. It’s an understatement that I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon this listing! Will insert the tagged photo below.

xx blueberry milk tea