Off topic birthday pinks

Today, whilst dealing with my teenage son, a video clip that was played during a British television talk show interview with Madonna kept resounding in my head, specifically the part where Lourdes León responds to her mother: “You’re so off topic”.

Well, this post also might seem unseasonably off topic, but I can explain and thus categorize rather neatly. 🙂

I’m putting together a swap for my Essie Splash of Grenadine, and was reviewing my newly oh-so-organized varnish drawers for some potential desirable travel partners for the Essie.







Decided to pluck these beauties from my cache to show you just how similar the last two are to Splash of Grenadine. The others I can justify by stating that since I was under the weather on my birthday last Saturday, this swatching session (2x each; 3x for Essie) serves as a belated mini colour celebration!

I’ll send Nature Republic Lavender Pink as Splash of Grenadine’s travel partner, since she is easily accessible to me if I decide I want to replace her. She has a more opaque and just the slightest bit warmer coverage than Essie, which is more of a jelly finish and cool lavender in tone.

xx from the birthday girl
blueberry milk tea

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