Inspiration: Ukiyo-e of Utamaro Kitagawa

When it comes to varnish parcels and purchases of late, it’s been a continuous roulette of you win some, you lose some… disappointment followed by ecstasy.

Beauty and inspiration still abound, even on my kitchen calendar, an annual gift from my neighbour and owner of my residence.



Sally Hansen CSM 505 Clean Slate


Rescue Beauty Lounge Burn the Evidence (a fiery, sparkly pink-gold-copper-rust stunner in sunlight)


Rescue Beauty Lounge Instant Amnesia


Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens


This is the lineup I have Skittled on my feet, with RBL Forgiveness between Nails Inc. and Instant Amnesia.

At head-to-toe distance, the very subtle rainbow shimmer of Instant Amnesia is imperceptible, so I added a top coat of Skin Food to jazz up the tatami-esque base.


I very patiently awaited the arrival of these four bottles to my doorstep.

I have yearned for Thank You, Be Humble and Forgiveness ever since they arrived on the scene back in Spring 2013.

Forgiveness was the only member of that collection featured in the recent RBL 60% off sale.


I knew something was awry the moment I picked up the small parcel from my porch, as it was emitting stonky fumes from afar.


I opened the bottle and checked the neck straightaway when I saw this, and was surprised to find it impeccably clean.


This is why.  After cleaning off the leaked varnish with acetone, I immediately regretted it.  It was acting as a plug to the broken glass.


Since I didn’t have a spare empty bottle to pour this beautiful varnish into, after a few moments of fretting, I thought to simply replace the chunk of glass you see in the paper towel above and tape it securely to the bottle with packing tape.

Then, keeping the bottle so the break remains at the top, I cut the very snug-fitting, reeking to high heaven box to act as a sleeve and prevent the varnish from evaporating.

I then taped the top of the box with the name label to the side, and keep it stored this way when not in use.  It is so stinky, I keep it on the sill of an open bathroom window…

This is how I salvaged Forgiveness.  Ironic, no?  🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

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