Peripera GR309 Mod Green

MC, this one’s for you!

By choosing to feature this varnish in an attempt to finally answer your question posed here, I opened not only one, but several Pandora’s boxes…


Peripera Mod Green was abandoned and forgotten in my varnish warehouse (the garage) when I composed this post.

If memory serves me correctly, she belongs right there in the lineup with OPI Thanks a Windmillion, et al.

The wintermint series (all 100+ bottles, lol, of which I’ve shown only a fraction) is comprised of much lighter, whiter, brighter minty blue-greens.  No dustiness there, while there’s lots over here with Peripera.  🙂


Misa Dirty Sexy Money was keeping Peripera Mod Green company on my shelf, so I grabbed her, too.

That was a mistake, as I also gathered up everything in between this duo, thus complicating matters.

I’m weary of authoring and swatching for long comparison posts…


…only to open another drawer of mine and find I’ve omitted key PFFs, or subsequently search online for dupes and realize too late that I own several of those, as well.


Well, that’s what happened with Misa DSM.  Not once, but twice.

Thus, I’ll be splitting everything up into shorter, more condensed posts for greater digestibility. 🙂


Back to Peripera Mod Green — I’ll chat about her relative to her neighbour.


Left:  Peripera GR309 Mod Green.  Dusty in comparison to Misa DSM.  Each has its own stellar formula.  Two coats.


Misa Dirty Sexy Money is brighter, darker, more saturated, and also has more blue than Peripera GR309 Mod Green.


Peripera Mod Green is supposed to be perfumed just as the contents of the Peripera kittycat bottles are, but I didn’t notice any fragrance.

Funny, as I remember it being rather overwhelmingly floral-scented.

Mod Green was purchased on the auction site about four years ago.

I was super tardy to the party on Misa Dirty Sexy Money, and just ordered her from the company website in November 2014.

Made the mistake of looking up dupes for DSM online, since I missed the fanfare over DSM when it was actually happening.  There aren’t many, but it turns out I have a few that were listed, and several more unlisted which appear to be PFFs to those listed.

So the plot has unwittingly thickened, and it looks like I’ll be doing a comparison post shortly with Dirty Sexy Money flying solo…

xx blueberry milk tea

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