On the sparklin’ tip

Could have easily named this pixie dust or fairy shimmer or somesuch, as that is exactly what comes to mind at first blush. But I don’t much like Tinkerbell, Disney productions or cartoon faerie depictions in general…


That’s my new marabou coat in the background.  Just picked up this Essence Effect Nail Polish last week in my travels.  No. 23, Rock My World.


This is the fastest varnish job I’ve ever performed; I was quite pleased with the result.  Currently in a personally annoying stage of my particular nail growth, replete with splitting, flaking, all manner of getting caught on tights and snagging my most luxurious items.  Based on past cycles, I wanted some quick, effective, yet not boring protection from the hazards of my naked nails.  Wish granted!


Essie Main Squeeze, on tips over my Nature Republic mystery varnish, here.


Don’t know if it’s the way I applied it, daubing sparingly with the side of the brush to tips only, but Rock My World turned out rather rough around the edges, sandy and grainier than your usual flakie.  Might need thinning…





All in all, well worth the 10 minutes of execution!  Finished with a final top coat of Nature Republic mystery varnish.

xx blueberry milk tea

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