I’m a bad girl. Should I place the blame on the siren songs of CQ 543 Rustic Dream and 544 Idyllic?

These two were en route from my varnish warehouse (the garage) to being packed up and sent off as a gift to Norma (who I owe big time since way before this post) for her generosity in adding SH Concrete and Mystic Lilac, among other beautiful items, to my manicuratorial coffers last year.

But they stopped me in my tracks. I walked into the house, put away the shipping supplies momentarily, and grabbed my iPhone.

CQ Rustic Dream and Idyllic might have to pit stop a short while longer here at the café before I reluctantly send them on their way to a new owner.

Is it all my fault for being selfish and covetous, or is the tempting lure of these little bottles (no longer being sold in U.S. drugstores) really too hard to resist?

foto 2

foto 4 (2)

foto 2 (2)

foto 1 (3)

foto 1 (4)

foto 1

foto 2 (3)

foto 3

foto 4

foto 3 (2)

xx la mala, blueberry milk tea