2x L.A Girls Fruity Sparkling Peach

1x Colorama Melindrosa

1x Barry M CrystalGlaze

No base or top

Gotta keep some kind of varnish on the nails at all times, to avoid losing length on index fingers and thumbs due to inherent flakes, splits and snags on those nails.

After premature removal of this protection (I ordered the entire Essie Spring 2015 collection; Petal Pushers exploded in transit and grey varnish was thus all over my hands and nails, as well as neighbouring bottles, my kitchen floor, sink, wastebasket, etc. when the package was opened), that’s exactly what happened…

Now, with stumpier index and thumbnails, I’m able to better maneuver a newly-discovered collage app on my phone.  I love it in spite of my 14-year old son telling me he was using it back in 5th grade…

xx blueberry milk tea