Lucky charms #3

Three attempts to photograph this varnish (Barry M Spring Green) properly; thrice is NOT a charm…

Meanwhile, I was also having three thoughts.


Out and about today, I noted all shades of pretty green apparel, often in quite visually interesting juxtaposition (i.e., combined with navy blue accessories, on a rider atop a neon lime green bicycle).

By far the most beautiful and inspiring green thing I saw was brought into a rural office where I was working today, culled from someone’s home garden.

A batch of red-veined, red-stalked, leafy dark kale so brimming with vibrancy and life-force beaming at me from across the room, that I felt guilty for eating what I’ve been eating lately when plants like this are readily available for sustenance.  These plants were so alive, and potentially life-giving, that their veined undersides immediately reminded me of the placenta that nourishes our babies when we mamas are creating and growing them in our bellies.  Ah, spring!


Barry M Spring Green is absolutely not *this* colour.  It *is* the shade of the most saturated, chlorophyll-packed blade of grass one can imagine, bottled.

So my second, post-veggie reminiscence thought was how ladies will say time and again regarding their nail varnish photos, “this colour freaked my camera out”, “my camera just will not capture blues, purples, what-have-you…” or somesuch.

Well, after turning my inexperienced lens on Barry M Spring Green, it was no longer just hearsay.  Theory morphed into practice.  It happened to me.

I’ve had colour inaccuracies prior, but nothing akin to this.  These images are an out-and-out falsehood.  And I’m not sophisticated enough to know how to coax my camera into telling the truth…


Yes, she’s a beauty, and even more so in her true colours, which brings us to my third and final thought.

Of alelvi123, and how she wrote to me long ago that when she’s out nail varnish shopping, she often finds herself forgetting to breathe upon sighting some gorgeous bottle full of some gorgeous something.

That happens to me, too, more often than I would like to admit.  But I was especially aware of it today, while taking pictures of Barry M Spring Green.  I realized that I was holding my breath during every attempt to get a proper shot of this bottle…

Such a shame, when the air at sunset these days is positively heady with the scent of blooming neighbourhood blossoms!

xx blueberry milk tea

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