Lucky charms

Poppy, this one’s for you!

Today, my only surviving grandparent and #1 man celebrates 90 years + one day on this Earth (his birthday was yesterday).

During my childhood, we always took time-outs from watching weekend football on TV, kicked back together hip-to-hip in a torn and lumpy recliner, to make a beer and cigarette run to the bodega in his mint-condition vintage Ford Bronco with the magnetic Smokey the Bear cigarette lighter cemented to the dashboard.

Since I was exempt from drinkin’ and smokin’, I was allowed to choose any item I wanted from the broad, expensive liquor store selection and my grandpa would buy it for me, no questions asked.

Usually, it was a thick Archie comics digest. Once, it was a frosty sky blue nail varnish. On another occasion, a more conservative Cutex shade called Fawn. (Yup, even way back when, I hankered after these little bottles…)

But most often, I would take advantage of my mother’s absence and get some verboten junk food, any junk food.

Like a box of Lucky Charms cereal (magically delicious!).

L’Oreal Garden Bouquet, Spring 2015
Sinful Colors Shamrockin’, St. Patrick’s Day 2015

A toast to Papa Kippy’s 91st year with a tall can of Coors, a Pall Mall and a handful of beer nuts!

xx blueberry milk tea

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