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foto 2

I added bright pink nail jewels from one of the Essence Vintage District nail art kits (think there were two) on both hands…

foto 3

…in addition to some holographic stars of varying shape and size on my right.

Haven’t seen any photos anywhere that do this underrated bling trio right — I had to wait a day for my phone to start working properly again in order to (a) send Sunday’s collage to my computer and (b) retake the photos above, on the fly in my car while out and about on Monday.

Yeah, it’s so blingy it broke my phone!  And not just the camera!

The three (pearly, gold/silver and pink a la Katy Perry Teenage Dream but more syrupy) varnishes all have amazing round holographic glitter of varying size.  I was thrilled to pay more than triple the price of what this kit would have cost in Korea to a Korean seller on the auction site in 2013, since the Annika Wester collaboration came out quite some time before that.

To my friend Akiko, who once deemed me her “special su paa ku ru (sparkle)”, and to my classmate Tina throughout high school French (on her good side, “Lise, vous étenceillez”; on her bad side, “vous n’étenceillez pas”).

My name was Lisa back then, and on most days, Tina told me I sparkled. 🙂

xx blueberry milk tea

P.S. The fragrance, while not unpleasant, is flowery-sweet and strong. Like a headache requiring 600mg Advil strong. The fragrance and the headache both last a full 12 hours, if not longer. Perhaps I’m just waaay too far past the youthful zeitgeist on this one…