This spangled blingy hallucination is all over now.

It lasted all of two days, before the ornaments began to fall off and certain nails began to chip and split vertically!

I decided to start over from nil and opt for nice and neat.

Really, really craving the OPI 2015 Soft Shades mini set.  But I have only spotted it at one locale, and they are charging 16 shekels I don’t have to spare right now…

So I shopped my Alex multi-storey varnish condo instead, which is stuffed with completely untouched Spring and bridal collection bottles.

foto 2

Wet n Wild Stream of Consciousness (from the Silver Lake collection; I have all of the amazingly gorgeous varnishes and one eyeshadow palette called Thrift Store Chic)

SH CSM Bride n Joy

foto 4

Stream of Consciousness is a sheer, barely there pink with shimmer.  It is a wonderful palette cleanser, just what the doctor ordered.  This bottle was my least favorite when I purchased all six (?) varnishes from this collection; in fact, I almost rejected it in order to get backups of other more favored LE shades.  At the time, I didn’t notice any shimmer in the bottle.  It is both subtle and obvious at the same time, in the bottle and on the nail.  No streaks and a very nice one-coat application on my tiny nails.  Very pleased.

foto 3

Now just take a gander at this.  Go, Sally, go!  See the translucent hexagonal sequins and coppery to bluish flash sparse holo microglitter suspended oh so delicately in that pinky Jell-o?  Guauuu

One coat of this over the WnW, and I feel simultaneously clean and high every time I glance at my little nubs.

While doing research for my job, I got distracted by the bottles hanging about nearby.  So I decided to integrate everything, hence the addiction references!

xx no Rx!  blueberry milk tea