Essie Spring 2015




First spotted these at a dodgy locale of a chain drugstore downtown in February 2015.

I thought they were amazing and immediately ordered the entire collection on the auction site for about USD $30.

Petal Pushers broke in transit and since the lineup was packed in duo boxes, Petal Pushers was caked and dried all over her neighbour, Garden Variety.

After cleaning up my hands, kitchen walls, sink, floor and wastebasket with pure acetone, I thought I never wanted to see Petal Pushers again.  There is still a drop of PP on my kitchen sink that I just can’t bring myself to clean off…

As for Garden Variety, I poured a cup of acetone and dropped her in.  She cleaned up quite nicely, don’t you think?  But she did lose her label in the process, so I’m still unsure if I’ve got her name right.  🙂

Eventually, the seller did replace Petal Pushers for me.

I’ve seen some great comparisons of her with the OPI greys, most notably on imabeautygeek.  IaBG also has impressive comparisons of the rest of this collection, as well.

She uses sticks, as do lots of talented ladies on nail_ru, and I am seriously considering doing this in lieu of nail wheels, which I can no longer find easily at Sally Beauty, anyhow.

Aesthetically, I find the sticks ugly; yet practically, they are fantastic, since once you have a varnish swatched, you can move it around for multiple comparisons down the road.  And if you’re like me, where you end up stuck with variations on a shade in the wrong order on the nail wheel due to their looking completely different in the bottle than on the nail, you will no longer have this problem with the convenient malleability of sticks…

xx blueberry milk tea (on a stick)

One thought on “Essie Spring 2015

  1. thebeautifiedblogger says:

    I am so obsessed with this entire collection! I managed to collect them all and feature each one in a mani on my blog – none of them disappointed me! Great formulas and colors!!! ❤

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