Midnight Sangria nail varnish collection

006 – Crushed Grapes

007 – Annatto

008 – Dragon Fruit

010 – Crème de Cacao

009 – Bitter Lime

Beautyhabit’s web site lists 010 Crème de Cacao as being a milky beige with green and pink shimmer pearl, but I’m unsure if this last part about the shimmer might be a misprint from another varnish description…

Of course, if I were not a freelancer and thus paid timely, I would have had these in my clutches already (I knew these were launching in Japan on May 1, but was shocked to find them available in the U.S. last Friday, also!) to be able to tell you if it’s true or not!

*Waiting patiently for March and April wages to arrive in order to snatch up every last varnish from this collection, and some other P&Js that have since caught my eye!*

xx blueberry milk tea