Paul & Joe Beaute Summer 2015 Midnight Sangria – 006 Crushed Grapes

This is more of a red wine stain rather than a jelly.  One coat layered over…

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Hardener, two coats.

I thought this was intended to be used as a gold leaf top coat, remember when those were so popular?

The instructions indicate two coats to be worn alone (as I was sporting it before receiving P&J in the post),

or as a base coat under any varnish.

Once I received P&J Summer 2015 varnishes, I was so surprised to find that Crushed Grapes was sheer,

that I immediately applied a coat over my gold flake-layered but otherwise bare nails,

even though I was already ensconced safely in bed for the night.

I woke up to the lingering scent of orange blossom (P&J nail products are fragranced)

and nails that looked as if I had had a dream of panning for gold whilst working at a vineyard.

xx blueberry milk tea (here, sangria) 🙂