Dusty surprises ft. Uslu Airlines NIM – Niamey

Am I grey or am I blue? Or greygreen-bluegray? Lol!

Take a gander below:

What say you?

L to R in lineup and on nail wheel:

Essie Parka Perfect
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Grey Matters

Essie Truth or Flare (bluest of the tribe)
Sinful Shine Blue Suede Shoes

Urban Outfitters Barstool
Uslu Airlines NIM Niamey

All are initially two coats on the nail wheel.

I later added a third to Truth or Flare and Barstool, as they were very sheer formulae in comparison to the others.

(They look and feel like jellies/crellies but haven’t done my homework down computer way re these two…)

Wondering if MAC Blue India and Catrice Big City Life New York would fit here… although they seem like dusty yet definitive blues.

(Doubt I will ever see Blue India and New York in real life…)

Uslu Airlines NIM is such a shade-shifter. At times grey, greygreen, bluegray, dusty bluegreen…

xx dusty blueberry milk tea

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