The mini set is called Tribal Council.

Allow me to present to you the good-looking councilmembers, released from their flimsy, fugly box after a hard-won battle (never mind, I found them anyhow!) with Sally Beauty SAs who know their merchandise, shall we say, none too well…





Don’t Desert Me – fuchsia shimmer

Rain Dance The Night Away – turquoise creme

Don’t Mesa With My Heart – warm rosy pink creme

What’s She Dune? – cool sandy nude crème (label says “the”; methinks it should be “she”)

The Heat Is On – bright red (unsure of formula, looks like a crelly in the bottle)

Meet Me In The Mirage – rose-coppery brown complex foil, really gorgeous

I braved yellow onions strewn all over the highway and ensuing parking lot-style traffic jams, in addition to three-car rollover accidents complete with squadrons of police, firemen and paramedics, in order to finally bring this mini-council home safely with me.

I kept them displayed on the passenger seat of my car all the while, hoping their combined synergistic beauty would act as a good luck talisman for my treacherous commute home.

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