Angel Rain, from the Fall 2013 Surreal collection (Sally Beauty, on clearance)

Frozen, from the Spring 2015 Disney Elsa collection, Snow Queen’s Spring series (Walgreens exclusive, on clearance)

Even at one coat above, snow appears more intense than rain.

Two coats, above and below

These varnishes are indeed PFFs.

I prefer Frozen for its depth, intensity and coverage, yet Angel Rain has subtler colour shifts that are not to be missed.

Three coats, above

I would not have gone out of my way to purchase either had they not been available at a deep discount.

I patiently waited for each to come to me on the cheap and lower my summer temperatures, without negatively affecting my pocketbook.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Shake Shake

Kiko Sparkle Touch 270

Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper 15 Glitter on Me

Sinful Colors Ice Dream

Sinful Colors Fuji Fuji

Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Eyelet

Shake Shake, Sparkle Touch 270, Glitter on Me, Ice Dream, Fuji Fuji, Eyelet

Above and below, rain + snow

Essence Nail Art Shake Me! I’m Pretty Top Coat – Let Stars Rain Down On Me

One thick coat of holo nanoshimmer over rain + snow.

As ultrafine as the glitter is, once distributed, it makes a distinct linear AND scattered holographic rainbow in the bottle.

I cannot sing highly enough my praises for the Essence bottle above.  This product is astounding in both its impact and subtlety.

It seems to have gone unnoticed and unloved on the largely diminished Essence stands here in the U.S., so wherever I spot a bottle, I’m able to buy multiple backups at a 50% discount.

xx blueberry milk tea *sans umbrella or shovel*